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Our Values

We believe that by leading with empathy and intentional efforts to connect with our deepest sense of humanity, we can build & transform cultures that are founded on safety, equity and justice for all.

Through continuous education, collaboration and accountability, we seek to break free of our participation in harmful systems of oppression and discrimination and become intersectional co-conspirators to promote inclusion and celebrate diversity.

Photo of a white woman with long brown hair wearing a grey jacket and blue shirt.

Chrissy Benz (she/her)

Chrissy has over 20 years of experience in business operations, event management, sport administration, and program development for sport and non-profit organizations, such as the Olympic & Paralympic Games, Volleyball Canada, North American Indigenous Games, World Police & Fire Games, Forward Foundation, Vancouver Basketball Foundation, and the North, Central America & Caribbean Volleyball Confederation.

As a strategist, coach & learning facilitator, her expertise includes: 

  • gender equity

  • inclusive event management

  • innovative operational excellence

  • intersectional allyship

  • workplace equity & diversity

  • teambuilding through empathy

  • volunteer engagement

  • burnout prevention in high performers

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Jill Wurflinger, ChPC 

A collaborative leader and team builder with a keen ability to read environments and cultures, Jill effectively increases organizational capacity through the power of “the why” and putting the right people in the right place. She is a high-energy, analytical communicator comfortable leading a wide range of people who is able to innovate and anticipate challenges to any plan or course of action before they materialize.  A brilliant mind with strong budgeting and financial management skills and a keen ability to recognize opportunities where others see problems, and create innovative and budget-conscious solutions that highlight the power of alignment.

Jill Wurflinger
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